Driving in the Triangle

Very few activities are as liberating as being able to drive. Non-drivers have to always depend on others to take them places. Here in the Triangle, we do have a public transport system but it is infrequent and does not operate late. To get around, driving is not an option - it is a necessity.

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But every day we hear horrifying stories of vehicle crashes on the roads and highways. Few people realize that good driver training can help keep you safe and secure even in situations over which you do not have complete control. Bad weather, drunk drivers and high speeds can all be causes of accidents that did not need to happen in the first place. At Fuller Driving School, we will teach you the essential skills you need to be safe and show you how to drive defensively.

The Fuller Difference

My name is Sylvester Fuller and I was a Driver's Ed teacher in the Wake & Nash County school system for 30 years. In addition to my years of experience, I constantly get feedback from police officers and State Troopers on what mistakes people make that get them into accidents and cause them to get tickets. I will share this information with you during our lessons. By preparing you for these situations, you can help keep you and your car accident-free and keep your insurance costs low. Isn't your safety a worthwhile investment?

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Fuller Driving School, LLC
Cheshire Park
318 W Millbrook Road, Suite 101 (off Six Forks Rd)
Raleigh, NC 27609

Phone: (919) 841-0058

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Our Students

"The Fuller Driving School was an excellent experience! Mr. Fuller was a very calm direct driving instructor, who in the classroom made sure you were prepared for every scenario possible that could happen on the road.",
- Jennifer F
{Greensboro NC}