Adult Driver Training

Adult drivers are easier to teach because they are patient, serious and conscientious. Many adults I teach have not driven before because they lived in big cities (where it was not economical to drive) or those who have so far had easy access to transport before. A new job, moving to a new neighborhood or a child suddenly creates the need to drive. For adults, some fear of driving for the first time ( or returning to driving after a while) is perfectly normal. After getting over the initial apprehension, adults learn quicker and are overall safer drivers. It's no accident (pardon the pun) that drivers over 25 receive the lowest insurance rates.

For our more elderly drivers, starting to drive at an advanced age can be difficult but is by no means impossible. Often the passing of a loved one makes this a survival skill for older folks. I have taught older people to drive successfully - you can do it too!

The Fuller Difference

The difference is good driver training. Over my 30 years of experience, I have probably seen and experienced every mistake drivers make. By preempting these mistakes, I can make you a more confident and safe driver. While I can ’t guarantee you'll never have an accident, I ’ll show you how to avoid the more common ones and how to drive defensively.

Our training cars are equipped with special equipment like a brake on the trainer side and an extra mirror, so I can prevent you from making a mistake when we practice. See the instructor side of the car below.

Adults become successful and safe drivers much quicker when learning from a professional than from a friend or colleague. I am well-adjusted to the situations that may crop up during driver training and nervous drivers quickly gain confidence when training with me. I have successfully taught people with various handicaps as well. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it!

Our elderly learner drivers need a little more practice but very soon the reflexes and coordination can match or exceed drivers much younger than them. Some amount of nervousness is natural for adult drivers and is a good thing because it keeps you alert. Experience has shown that when adult drivers practice, they do well. I expose you to a variety of real-world what-if situations and prepare you for all kinds of events on the road.

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Our Students

"I was able to learn by example on how to drive properly from Mr. Fuller. On several instances, we rode out and simulated perpendicular and parallel parking. I was given step by step pointers of how to prepare my mirrors, radio volume, windshield wipers and other necessities prior to taking to the road. I have been an excellent driver for 14 years with no traffic, speeding or accident violations of any kind. Sylvester is a well respected instructor that has imparted a great deal of driving lessons that have been applied in my daily life.",
- Ashley S
Raleigh NC