Teen Driver Training

Teens are probably the most vulnerable of new drivers because they are inexperienced and are often tempted to drive recklessly. Crash statistics regularly show that a large percentage of teen crashes are fatal.

In my experience, when parents or friends try to teach teens driving, the attempt fails because the teacher is unable to objectively guide someone they know well. Very often the aggressive and dangerous driving habits of the parents become part of their teens' driving style. Just because you know how to do something, doesn't mean you can always teach that skill to someone else the right way.

The Fuller Difference

The difference is good driver training. Over my 30 years of experience, I have probably seen and experienced every mistake young drivers make. By preempting these mistakes, I can make your teen a more confident and safe driver. While I cannot guarantee you'll never have an accident, I ’ll show you how to avoid the more common ones and how to drive defensively.

Our training cars are equipped with special equipment like a brake on the trainer side and an extra mirror, so I can prevent you from making a mistake when we practice. See the instructor side of the car below.

The majority of my years of driver training experience has been with teens and I know that they become successful and safe drivers much quicker when learning from a professional than from a parent or friend. I am well-adjusted to the situations that may crop up during driver training and young nervous drivers quickly gain confidence when training with me. I have successfully taught people with various handicaps as well. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it!

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Our Students

"I had Mr. Fuller as a teacher for driver's education and he was very nice to me. When we started driving, he was very calm - I passed and I am glad I had him for a teacher.",
- Gabrielle J
Raleigh NC