Our Technique

Our driver training technique is different because I want you to gain safe driving skills in a relatively short time. For this reason, I constantly evaluate your skills and judge if you are ready for the next step. At the end of every session, you and I will sit down together and go over what happened in the session highlighting what you did right and what areas you need to practice more. If I feel you are ready for the next step, I will encourage you to go ahead, but if you feel you need more time and practice, that can be arranged.

After showing you how to sit in your seat and familiarizing you with the controls and the dashboard, we begin by practicing in your sub division with basic skills like driving forward, turning, braking, reversing and scanning the road for potential problems. Once you get familiar with this we can proceed further and take you out on a quiet rural road. We slowly move into more and more traffic. Finally, I get you used to getting on and off the Beltline and highways merging, exiting, changing lanes and overtaking safely.

What you will learn

Here are some of the things we will teach you and practice:

  • City driving (lots of stop lights) intersections, stop signs and traffic signals
  • Quick stops — stopping as quickly and safely as possible when told to do so
  • Backing (reversing in a straight line)
  • Stopping, starting and parking
  • Turn signals and use of the horn
  • Turning (how to control the car as you come out of a turn)
  • Use of lanes (looking in your blind spot)
  • Following another vehicle
  • Passing and being passed
  • Yielding the right of way to pedestrians and other vehicles
  • Driving posture
  • Three-point turnabout

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Customer Comments

"I was able to learn by example on how to drive properly from Mr. Fuller. On several instances, we rode out and simulated perpendicular and parallel parking. I was given step by step pointers of how to prepare my mirrors, radio volume, windshield wipers and other necessities prior to taking to the road. I have been an excellent driver for 14 years with no traffic, speeding or accident violations of any kind. Sylvester is a well respected instructor that has imparted a great deal of driving lessons that have been applied in my daily life.",
Ashley S
Raleigh NC